Modern Golf EquipmentNowadays, golf is no longer considered to be just a relaxation sport; instead with all the television coverage that it is receiving, it is no surprise that many companies are now jumping on the golf bandwagon and developing different types of new and improved golf equipments that are used to help people overcome their golfing handicaps and improve their control.

Graphite Shaft Golf Clubs

One type of golf equipment that is now being used unabatedly is graphite in the golf shafts. Lately, graphite golf clubs have been gaining popularity over the more traditional steel golf clubs. As a result, one of the main decisions that every golfer has to take is whether to choose graphite or steel golf clubs.

Most tend to choose graphite over steel as graphite golf clubs are a bit more flexible and weigh much less. While a graphite shafts weighs as less as 60 to 72 grams, a steel shaft usually weighs between 110 to 125 grams. This means that using graphite results in the overall reduction in the weight of the golf club by about 50 grams. This allows smaller and less powerful golfers to still manage to get good distance on their shot.

A lot of ladies when given a choice between graphite or steel golf clubs would choose the former as they are much lighter in weight. Since women have less powerful swings as compared to men, graphite golf clubs allow them to improve their control so that they can perfect nearly every facet of their game.

Spikeless Golf Shoes

One of the latest innovations that have captured the imagination of golfers is the introduction of spikeless golf shoes. These shoes come with removable spikes that users can wear as per their wishes. Not only do these types of shoes provide added comfort and improved functionalities, but they also come completely designed in waterproof materials which make them a pleasure to wear during the rains or in the early hours of the morning. Seeing that many professional golfers nowadays are sporting such spikeless shoes, many sporting shoe manufacturers are developing such shoes that are able to meet all authority demands of smooth tee fairways and also the expected traction requirements of the wearers.


Another golf equipment that is commonly used is the GPS device tracking system with which one comes to know the distance that the hit ball has covered. A GPS tracker can also help in determining the distance from the tee off to the end of the fairway, the length of the hole, distances to the water hazards as well as the exact distance to the front and center of the green. These golf GPS devices are accurate to within two feet.

One comes to know the real benefits of using a golf GPS after having hit a wayward shot. Without any line of sight, it would be very difficult to accurately get the ball out of the woods. A golf GPS allows one to confidently play their shot resulting in the ball quickly coming back in play.

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